/ Councillor Paul Murphy receives an OBE

Councillor Paul Murphy receives an OBE for his local and national policing work.

Paul was chair of the Police Authority for five years and set a clear vision for improving performance and ensuring that important investments were made for the benefit of the force and the public.

He carried out a significant amount of work at national level on terrorism and serious crime issues and made a significant contribution to the development of police governance.

During his time as chair crime fell significantly and all other aspects of force performance improved.

Sir Peter Fahy said, "This honour is very much deserved given Paul's dedication and commitment and his willingness to challenge GMP to provide the best possible service for the public.

“He is also a very hard working local councillor who has always kept his very strong connection to the most deprived areas of Manchester.

“He used his experience as a senior manager in British Aerospace Electronic Systems to good effect to make sure the force made best use of the resources it was given."

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