/ Images of recovered stolen property - Stockport

Police in Stockport have released images of thousands of pounds worth of recovered property.

Officers from the volume crime team have seized the jewellery and photographs over the last few weeks.

Police Constable Bill Baines from the Stockport Volume Crime Team, said: ”We have seized thousands of pounds worth of property stolen from house burglaries over the last few weeks and we are keen to reunite them with their rightful owners.

“Of particular interest are a series of framed photographs of Military Personnel.

“It is believed the soldiers pictured form part of the 'Dalton Troop'. The nickname for the group was 'Paddy's Eagles' and the photographs were taken in early 2003.

“We are anxious to trace the owner of the service mementos and indeed the valuable items of stolen jewellery and watches.

“The jewellery and photographs are being stored safely at Cheadle Heath police station and we would ask either the owner, or anyone who has any information about who they belong to, to contact police on 0161 856 9154.”

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