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Man who burgled a woman at knifepoint jailed

A man who burgled a woman at knifepoint in her own home in Rochdale has been jailed.

Darren Bradford (15/08/75) of Town Mill Brow, Rochdale was found guilty of aggravated burglary at an earlier hearing.

Today, Wednesday 11 October 2017, he was sentenced at Manchester Crown Court, Minshull Street to 11 years in prison.

At about 12.30am on Tuesday 15 September 2015, Bradford knocked on the door of a woman in her sixties on Further Heights Road in Rochdale. When she opened the door Bradford, who was wearing a ski mask, lurched towards her brandishing a knife and demanding money.

The woman dropped to her knees and pleaded with him not to hurt her, but he held the knife close to her throat and forced her back into the living room where he threatened her into giving him a small amount of cash.

Bradford then conducted a search of her house and stole a laptop, jewellery and a mobile phone, before fleeing.

The woman contacted police and Bradford was traced and arrested.

Detective Constable Russell Clarke of GMP’s Rochdale Borough said: “This was a particularly distressing incident for the victim and the trauma he caused her was despicable.

“Darren Bradford has taken no responsibility for his actions that night and has not shown any remorse whatsoever. Throughout the investigation and trial Bradford changed his story, and it is fortunate that the jury were able see through his lies and give the victim the justice she deserved.

“I hope that the sentence given today sends out the message that we will do everything in our power to bring those responsible for offences like this to justice.”



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