/ Closure of Stockport Police Station

Officers and staff from Stockport Central Neighbourhood Policing Team will be moving to a new home at Fred Perry House, Stockport.

The move, which takes place on 13 November 2012 will save police more than £125,000 a year, also means that officers can work more closely with Stockport Council on issues such as crime and antisocial behaviour.

The closure will not affect operational policing and communities can be assured that the Neighbourhood Policing Team will continue to patrol the area, engage with residents and be a part of the community they serve.

Inspector Alan Clitherow for Stockport Central Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “By sharing a premises with Stockport Council we are not only saving money but also strengthening our working relationship and enabling us to provide a better service for our community.

“Stockport Police Station is no longer fit for purpose and is not value for money when considering the current climate.

“Officers continue to be out and about on patrol in and around the town centre and residents will still be able to contact them via phone, email, community meetings or Twitter. An enquiry counter will also remain in the town centre at Fred Perry House on Edward Street. It will be open from Monday to Saturday between 8:30am and 4:30pm.”

Residents are reminded that Stockport Divisional Headquarters can now be found at Cheadle Heath Police Station. It is currently undergoing improvement works and includes a large custody complex.

If you have any issues about Stockport Central Neighbourhood Policing Team, please contact us on 0161 856 5902 or email stockport.centralnpt@gmp.police.uk. You can always search for us on Twitter, @GMPStockCentral.

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