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Published 11/06/2012 02:41:45 PM

Brief is Greater Manchester Police's own newspaper.

Brief is read by the Force's police officers, police staff and members of the Special Constabulary, as well as partner organisations and other police forces - making it one of the largest circulation police force publications produced in the UK.

It was first published in the mid 1970s shortly after the creation of Greater Manchester Police. It is a key element of the Force's internal communications strategy to provide staff with up-to-date information about developments within GMP and the wider policing community.

Each issue has a mix of news about police initiatives, policies and crime successes, in-depth articles on specialist units, social and sports news, as well as regular features.

Brief - Christmas 2014 Edition


Advertising fees

  • Payment will be required for adverts promoting business-related goods or services.
  • No payment will be required when advertising a one-off sale (such as a bicycle, car or house).
  • GMP reserves the right to exercise its discretion in this area. The Editor's decision will be final.


  • Classified adverts will only be accepted from police officers or police staff serving with UK police forces, or from retired GMP police officers and police staff.


Adverts must be submitted by the following means: 

  • On an electronic form available on the GMP Intranet (News and Publications/Brief)
  • Through the electronic advertising coupon in Brief.
  • All adverts must be accompanied by a copy of the advertiser's warrant/ID card or pension number.
  • Details should be clearly written. Adverts exceeding the designated maximum number of characters (168, including spaces) cannot be accepted.
  • All adverts should be accompanied by a private telephone number, private fax number, private mobile phone number or private email address.


  • Adverts submitted on the coupon where payment is required must be accompanied by a cheque for the correct amount. Adverts where payment is required but which are not accompanied by payment will not be published.
  • For adverts submitted via the Force intranet where payment is required, cheques should be sent to Brief Advertising, Greater Manchester Police, Corporate Communications Branch, Force Headquarters, Central Park, Manchester, M40 5BP.
  • prior to the advertising copy deadline (published in Brief) for the next available issue. Where payment does not arrive in time, the advert will be held over for the next issue.
  • Cheques should be made payable to 'Greater Manchester Police'. GMP regrets that it cannot accept cash or process debit/credit cards.


  • By advertising in Brief advertisers agree to the details of their advert being published to a wide audience on the GMP website at
  • Advertisers are responsible for the wording of their advert.
  • GMP reserves the right, at its discretion, to edit, suspend or decline to publish adverts.
  • GMP does not accept liability for any loss or damage caused by an error or inaccuracy in the printing of any advertisement.
  • GMP reserves the right to amend advertising rates.
  • In the event of dissatisfaction, advertisers should contact Internal Communications on 0161 856 5938.
  • Although all reasonable steps have been taken to check the authenticity of advertisers, it must be stressed that acceptance for publication does not imply the acceptance of any responsibility or liability to GMP in respect of any advertisement.
  • Publication does not imply any endorsement of the companies, individuals, products or services offered.





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