/ Investigation into historic sex abuse at school

A man from Trafford has been arrested after GMP received a report of historic sexual abuse.

The 63-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of indecent assault and possession of indecent images on Friday 9 November 2012 and has been bailed until 12 March 2013, pending further enquiries.

The alleged offences relate to an incident in the early 1980s when the victim was 17 years old and a pupil at St Ambrose RC College in Altrincham at the time.

Police have subsequently received further reports of incidents of historical sexual abuse at the school dating from the 1960s to the 1980s, some of which took place on school premises, some of which did not, but allegedly involving members of staff at that time.

Detective Inspector Jed Pidd, from Trafford's Public Protection Investigation Unit (PPIU), said: "First and foremost I want to stress that we are looking at historical incidents.

"The safeguarding of pupils is without doubt a top priority for the school and I don't want current pupils or their families to be unduly concerned.

"That said, this is an extremely serious and upsetting incident for the victims in this case.

"As part of this investigation we have received further reports of potential historical incidents.

"Unfortunately some of these have come to us third hand and we really need to speak to anyone who was a pupil at the school who may have information to assist our enquiry.

"I want to reassure anyone who might want to report any incidents or offences that we treat all allegations of sexual abuse extremely seriously and we would encourage you to contact your local officers in Trafford."

Anyone wishing to report information or come forward regarding the ongoing investigation at St Ambrose RC College in Altrincham is asked to use the following numbers: 0800 0920410 and 0207 158 0214. The numbers will be staffed between 10am and 8pm daily until Wednesday 12 December 2012. There will be a holding message placed on outside the times when the 0800 number is being staffed. 

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