/ Dogs graduate training school

Police dogs, Boz, Quade and Jerry have successfully completed a 13-week training course to become part of GMP’s workforce.

The German Shepherds, who have completed training in basic obedience, searching for people in open land and buildings, tracking on a long line – where dogs follow a scent, searching for property and chasing and detaining suspects, will join officers and take to the beat.

Martin Almond, team leader from the dog training unit based at Hough End, said: “The three that have completed their training have been partnered with their handler who they will live and work with and are ready to begin their shift pattern.

“It’s great to have the dogs complete their training and become part of the police family. They have come from all over country and will bring their own personalities to the role, a trait which is essential to any police dog.

“Our dogs need to be playful, fit and have impeccable social skills and it’s only on fulfilling this criteria that they can be made part of our unit. Not all dogs have these skills as they lack drive and a willingness to search and play games which is what makes our dogs so skilled and unique.

“The dog training includes fitness tests, playing ball games and being taken into different buildings and environments while their social skills and confidence is monitored.”

Following their passing out ceremony the dogs will now begin operational policing.


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