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Greater Manchester Police have made a promise to provide you with the best possible service and to work with you to make Greater Manchester a safer place.Peter Fahy

Officers and staff are working to ensure that your views count and the Service Promise outlines what you can expect from your police force. It also outlines the service you should expect when you contact GMP.

The Force continues to focus on neighbourhood policing and putting officers into the heart of communities. Your neighbourhood policing team are available to listen and respond to those matters that concern you most. If we work together we can make neighbourhoods safer places for all.

Supporting the Service Promise are a number of promises for the activities that are going to take place during 2010/11 to deliver the Policing Plan Priorities of increasing public satisfaction, tackling anti-social behaviour, reducing domestic burglary, reducing vehicle crime and protecting vulnerable people.

If you have any views on the Service Promise, Policing Plan or policing priorities let us know through the feedback form.

Peter Fahy
Chief Constable

Your views count

We will:

  • Listen to you and understand your concerns
  • Take action to address the crimes and incidents that are your priorities
  • Work with you to make your neighbourhood safer

When you contact GMP

We will:

  • Let you know when we will turn up
  • Agree with you what action will be taken
  • Tell you about the progress and the end result

Download a PDF of our service promise.

If you would like to leave some feedback about our promise, please use the form.

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