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Data Protection Act 1998

Section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998 provides you with a right of access to any of your personal data (information about yourself) that is held by any organisation. You can request any personal data held about you by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) by making your request in writing, paying a £10.00 processing fee and providing valid forms of identification, you will then receive a response in writing within 40 days.

Should you wish to know whether GMP holds any of your personal data, and where held request copies of that data, you will need to make a request in writing using the two application forms listed below. Both forms provide guidance on how to complete them – please ensure you use the correct form to avoid any delays in receiving a response to your request.

Application 1 - information held on the Police National Computer (PNC)

Information held on the PNC such as details of convictions, cautions, warnings, reprimands and Penalty Notices for Disorder can be requested from the Association of Chief Police Officers Criminal Records Office (ACRO). Should you wish to request PNC information you will need to complete an ACRO subject access form (ACRO SAR 1) which can be found on ACRO’s website by clicking the link below, the completed form, along with £10 processing fee and valid forms of identification must be sent directly to ACRO using the address provided on the form.

All enquiries about requests made to ACRO, progress with requests and and timescales for responses should be directed to ACRO on 0845 6013 999.

Application 2 - information held by GMP on local police systems

Information held on GMP’s local police systems such as crime reports, incident logs and statements can be requested directly from the force. Should you wish to request information held by GMP on local police systems please download, print and compete the GMP subject access form (Form 815) which can be found by clicking the link below.

Once you have printed and completed your application form, please either post to the address below or take it into any police station in the Greater Manchester area (please note, these forms will not be accepted at stations outside of Greater Manchester). Payment of a £10.00 fee and 2 documents of identification must accompany your completed GMP subject access form.

Information Compliance and Records Management Unit
Greater Manchester Police
Openshaw Complex
Lawton Street
M11 2NS

Alternatively, you can request a form be posted to you by emailing subjectaccess@gmp.police.uk or dialling 0161 856 2534 (please note this number is a voicemail service only)

Once we have received your completed application we will provide you with a response at the earliest opportunity but please note the process can take up to 40 days. 

How to apply for information held on the PNC and GMP local police systems

Should you wish to request information held on the PNC and on GMP’s local police systems you will need to complete both the ACRO SAR 1 and the GMP Subject Access Form. You are only required to pay one statutory fee of £10, this will need to be sent to ACRO with your ACRO SA1 application. You will however be required to send identification documents to both ACRO and GMP with your applications.

Advice and Assistance

If you have any queries or require further information, advice and assistance please contact us on 0161 856 2529 or by email at subjectaccess@gmp.police.uk

Chief Constable’s rights and obligations

The Chief Constable of GMP is obliged to confirm to you whether or not personal data is held by the force and provide copies of that personal data to you unless exemptions apply. In certain circumstances the Chief Constable would not be obliged to provide personal data, for example, you will not be provided with personal data if releasing it to you would be likely to prejudice a criminal investigation or would identify another individual. The information you provide on the GMP subject access form will be used for processing your request and may be used for other policing purposes.

Additional information

PLEASE NOTE: if you wish to obtain information about yourself for employment purposes (including work with children/vulnerable people), or if you require a police certificate for the purposes of emigration/visas/work permits/residency to either Australia, Bahamas, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Kuwait, New Zealand, South Africa, Uruguay or the United States of America, please refer to the information at the bottom of this page.

Request for Information for Employment Purposes (including Individuals working with Children or Vulnerable people)

If you are going to work as a paid employee or as a volunteer for an organisation and your work will bring you into contact with children or vulnerable adults you will be asked to apply for a Disclosure and Barring Service check, previously known as a Criminal Records Bureau Check (CRB) check. You must access the DBS website and follow their procedure.

For all other employment, GMP does not provide PNC disclosures for employment vetting purposes. If you require a police check for employment purposes, please contact Disclosure Scotland on 0870 609 6006 or via their website www.disclosurescotland.co.uk or Access Northern Ireland on 0300 200 7888 or via their website http://www.dojni.gov.uk/accessni.

The Subject Access form should not be used for:

  • Employment purposes.
  • Request for Information for the purposes of emigration, visas, work permits or residency in either Australia, Bahamas, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Kuwait, New Zealand, South Africa, Uruguay or United States of America
  • Individuals requiring Police Certificates for the purposes of applications for emigration, visas, work permits or residency in Australia, Bahamas, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Kuwait, New Zealand, South Africa, Uruguay or United States of America should contact ACRO on the below contact numbers or via their website ACPO website.

Police Certificates

Individuals requiring Police Certificates for the purpose of applications for emigration, visas or residency for a number of countries including, but not limited to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States of America should download an application form on the ACRO website. However, it is your responsibility to confirm with the relevant Embassy, High Commission or requesting authority that a Police Certificate will be acceptable.

Please note that this Certificate is processed entirely by the National Police Chief's Council (NPCC) Criminal Records Office (ACRO) and applications should not be returned to Greater Manchester Police. All submissions and enquiries relating to this process should be directed to ACRO, who can be contacted as follows:

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