/ Training programme for PCSOs

Prior to starting your duties as a PCSO, you will undergo a comprehensive eight-week training course based within the Greater Manchester area.

This course will give you the basic knowledge and skills to enable you to commence duties as a visible, high profile uniformed presence.

Your training will enable you to meet our Force Priorities:

  • To reduce crime together with our partners
  • To provide reassurance to our communities
  • To provide an efficient and effective service

The PCSO Training Course is eight weeks long and classroom based. This will start on day one of your career at GMP. Upon successful completion, and once you are on Division, you will also receive a local induction and ad-hoc training to support your learning.

It is important that you understand that during this time, attendance is compulsory, and that annual leave requests will not be authorised (this includes holidays that have been pre-booked).

The PCSO Training Course will be delivered at the GMP Training Centre, Sedgley Park Road, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 OJT. The course will be scheduled Monday to Friday, between the hours of 8.00 am and 4.00 pm.

Overview of the PCSO Training Course

Please see below an overview of the course, please note whilst the content will be similar, the order may be subject to change.

You’ll receive training in communication skills – this will cover what we say, how we speak and how we listen. You’ll learn about written communication including how to use your pocket books and how to take statements. You’ll also learn about decision-making and observational skills. 

Next, you’ll receive an introduction to the GMP computer systems. This will take about 4 days, and will include some e-learning. You will also be trained in the use of the Airwave radio, which you will use on patrol.

Following this, you’ll undergo Officer Safety Training, and First Aid Training.

You will now start to learn more about your roles and powers, and about the law in general – you’ll cover penalty notices, crime recording, anti-social behaviour, intelligence, restorative justice, and neighbourhood policing.

The training will also cover teamwork, and you will have to complete and present a team project.

You’ll continue with skills development exercises, and you will also learn courtroom skills and how to give evidence.

Specifically, the training sessions will include the following subjects:

  • GMP Structure
  • Roles / responsibilities, overview
  • Diversity / professional standards / grievance
  • Communication skills
  • Customer Service
  • Conflict management
  • Risk assessment
  • Human rights / discretion
  • Pocket note book / evidence
  • Property
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Traffic Legislation
  • Offences (various)
  • Public order and anti social behaviour
  • Fixed penalty notices
  • First Aid
  • Illness in the street / mental health
  • Radio training / data protection
  • Policing priorities / problem solving
  • Crime scenes
  • Crime prevention / reduction
  • Crime recording (relevant offences and circumstances)
  • Hate crime
  • Court procedures
  • Major incidents
  • Terrorism / searches
  • Stop Account
  • Vehicles, abandoned, stopping and seizing

PCSO – ‘In Company’ Period and Beyond

Following the successful completion of the eight week course, you will be placed on Division – i.e. you will be posted to your regular place of work / police station. You will receive further ad-hoc training and a local induction, and you will also patrol ‘in company’ for a 10-week period, prior to undertaking any independent patrols.

You will also receive continued development in the workplace.

You’ll undergo an initial review after 22 weeks, and a final review after 11 months.