Police thank football fans for making us proud

As Euro 2012 moves from the group stages into the quarter-finals Greater Manchester Police is thanking fans across the county for successfully taking up their challenge to make us proud by drinking responsibly, being polite and avoiding trouble.

Officers report that so far there has not been the increase in violent incidents, public order offences and domestic abuse that sometimes accompanies major football tournaments as a result of heavy drinking, group pressure and highly charged emotions.

They urge fans to keep up this exemplary behavior as England squares up to face Italy in the quarter-finals this Sunday.

Over the group matches Greater Manchester Police has been appealing to fans to avoid drinking to excess and being drawn into trouble through their ‘Make us Proud’ campaign that features on a free downloadable fixtures planner that is still available on www.gmp.police.uk.

Previous increases in domestic abuse that went up by 15 per cent during the 2010 World Cup and showed increases of up to a third on England match days have thankfully not occurred this year.

However potential victims and perpetrators are still being warned to be on their guard and seek help if they think they could be affected. Victims can call the Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0161 636 7525.

Those responsible for abusing partners can get help to stop on the Respect Phoneline on 0808 802 4040. More information on stopping domestic abuse can be found on www.endthefear.co.uk or follow @Endthefear on Twitter.

Though traffic officers report that they are carrying out 20 per cent more breathalyser tests in this year’s summer drink drive campaign compared to last year they are not reporting an increase in this offence as a result of the football tournament.

They warn however that the summer clampdown will continue into the coming weeks and that drivers should follow their advice to ‘have none for the road’.

Chief Inspector Chris Hill who is leading on any policing issues arising out of Euro 2012 in Greater Manchester said: “We want to thank football fans across our county for supporting their teams in the tournament in a good natured, peaceful way that has prevented the violent minority from turning what is a good night out enjoying the football with friends and family into violent confrontations.

“As England move into the quarter finals and hopefully beyond we want fans to continue to make us proud and to make Euro 2012 memorable for all the right reasons.

“True fans can be assured that we will continue to closely monitor potential trouble spots and will intervene robustly at an early stage to tackle those intent on spoiling what should be a safe and happy celebration of football for everyone to enjoy.

“Please continue to show respect and consideration for other football fans and members of the public and continue to make us proud”.

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