Project Griffin and Project Argus

Project Griffin


  • Project Griffin aims to raise awareness among security personnel about terrorism and the measures that can be taken to counter the threat so that they are better equipped to deal with their organisation’s security challenges on a day-to-day basis and in the event of a major incident.

Project Griffin consists of two main strands:

  • Counter Terrorism Awareness Day - Attendees receive inputs on the current terrorist threat, explosives, terrorist planning and cordon management
  • Monthly Conference Call – Police provide information on current threat levels and crime trends and inform security personnel what action (if any) is required

When are the courses held?

  • The half day courses are currently held at GMP Force Headquarters, Central Park, Manchester, M40 5BP and are free of charge to attend.
  • For further information on Project Griffin, or for booking enquiries, please contact the CTSA Team:

Project Argus

  • Project Argus explores the ways in which businesses can prevent, handle and recover from a terrorist attack. It achieves this by taking businesses through a simulated terrorist attack and challenging them to explore the options available and identify their main priorities should such an attack occur. Project Argus highlights the importance of being prepared and having the necessary plans in place to help safeguard staff, customers and company assets.
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