Salford's youngest Home Watch member

Scott may be a good thirty years younger than the average Home Watch member but that hasn’t stopped him getting involved and keeping his community safe.

Nineteen-year-old Scott Buckley from Rose Avenue in Irlam joined local Home Watch two years ago.

He was convinced to join after speaking with PCSO Mark Fitzgerald and has got involved in a range of different tasks from leaflet dropping to helping out at crime prevention days. He has also delivered a presentation to more than 50 members.

Outside of Home Watch, Scott is a full time student and is planning to go to University in September to study policing. He hopes to become a police officer in the future.

PCSO Mark Fitzgerald said: “Young people aren’t usually interested in joining home Watch because it seems old fashioned and it isn’t ‘cool’ for young people to associate with the police. However, Scott has proved what a massive difference Home Watch can make.

“Not only has he learnt new skills but he has helped the police gather intelligence and keep crime down and I’m really grateful.

“Home Watch in this area has been running for 10 years and is extremely successful. I appreciate the efforts, not only of Scott, but of every single one of our members. We couldn’t do the job we do without them.”

Scott Buckley said: “Young people aren’t usually interested in joining Home Watch because it seems old fashioned but I really enjoy getting involved and giving something back to my community.

“I’m proud of where I live and want to make a difference. I’ve taken part in some great tasks and met the Chief Constable when he attended one of our Home Watch meetings.

“My friends and family have been really supportive and I’d urge anybody, regardless of age, to get involved and help make their area a safer place to live.”

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