Would-be burglars sentenced

Two would-be burglars who tried to break into numerous houses on one street have been sentenced.

Aaron Hewitt (20/07/1992), of Porlock Avenue, Hattersley and Joshua Hampson (17/11/1993), of Dukinfield Road, Hyde, admitted conspiracy to commit burglary.

At Minshull Street Crown Court on Monday 11 June 2012, Hewitt was given a four month prison sentence suspended for 12 months and Hampson was given a nine month prison sentence suspended for 12 months.

Shortly after 1.45am on Tuesday 29 November 2011, a CCTV operator for Tameside Council saw the men trying door handles on houses on Chapel Street, Dukinfield and contacted police.

They avoided houses that had lights on.

In total they tried to break into 29 houses.

Both were arrested at the scene by police.

Police Constable Jon Cheadle, of the Tameside Volume Crime Team, said: “Hewitt and Hampson prowled down the street in the middle of the night with one aim in mind: to break into people’s homes and steal their belongings.

“Thankfully, the residents on Chapel Street are security conscious and so neither defendant was successful.

“This case demonstrates how important home security is and proves that by taking a few simple but effective safety steps you can protect your home from burglars.”


  • Leaving a light on, using timer switches, setting your burglar alarm and shutting and locking all doors and windows could save you coming home to a nasty shock.
  • Install an alarm that is activated when you leave your home empty or go to bed
  • Make sure your home looks occupied by leaving lights on
  • Do not leave any keys on display or in obvious hiding places
  • Lock all windows and doors
  • Do not leave gates, sheds or garages open or unlocked and lock all tools away securely.
  • Good rear garden fences or hedges, coupled with a side gate, will help protect your home.
  • Burglars do not want to be seen or, disturbed.
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