Duo jailed for 50 years for the murder of Ian Taylor

Stuart Horner

Stuart Horner

The killers of a man who was shot dead while sat in a parked car listening to music have been brought to justice.

Ian Taylor, 44, was killed when at least one shot from what is believed to be a shotgun was fired into the red Citroen he was sitting in on Floatshall Road, Baguley, at about 11.10pm on Monday 13 June 2011.

Today, Ian's nephew Stuart Horner (born 25/10/1979, pictured right) and Derek Cotterill (born 09/06/1985) were convicted of murder following a trial.

Horner, of Olney Avenue, Benchill, was sentenced to 27 years in prison and Cotterill, of Cranham Road, Woodhouse Park, was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

Ian was killed by the trio following the culmination of a family feud between himself and Horner, stretching back to November 2010.

Detective Superintendent Julian Ross said: "Ian was sat with a friend in the car, listening to music, when at least one shot was fired into the vehicle, hitting him in the chest and killing him.

"Only Horner and Cotterill know exactly what happened that night or what possessed them to arm themselves with guns and kill a man. We know Ian was involved in a long-running family feud with his nephew Horner, but absolutely nothing can justify their murderous actions that night.

"They must have known that firing a gun could have had fatal consequences but that did not stop them, and in doing so have taken Ian away from his children and his sisters forever.

"These two men then concocted a tissue of lies to give themselves alibis but today these have been completely exposed and I am pleased for Ian's family that the truth has been exposed.

"This incident, like any where a gun is fired, caused a lot of shock, worry and upset among the community. I hope that today, when the culprits have finally been exposed, that people can take some reassurance that this was the result of a long-running family dispute and there is no reason for them to be fearful.

"Most importantly, I hope Ian's family take some peace of mind in seeing his killers finally brought to justice."


Ian became involved in a family feud with nephew Horner in November 2010. The feud intensified in spring/summer 2011. At about 8.30pm on the day Ian was killed, he and Horner had a verbal altercation that resulted in Ian chasing Horner along Elizabeth Slinger Road.

Later that night, Ian and his friend were parked on Floatshall Road in a red Citroen at about 11.10pm. Ian was in the passenger seat and both the driver's and passenger's window were down and the pair were listening to music and having a few drinks.

Moments later, at least one shot was fired into the car, fatally hitting Ian in the chest. The murder weapon has not been recovered. The man sat in the driver's seat was uninjured.

Horner was arrested the next day and gave a false alibi. When released on bail, Horner gave an interview to a newspaper protesting his innocence. However, police later received further intelligence that Horner - and cousin Cotterill - were responsible for Ian's murder.

Detective Chief Superintendent Darren Shenton, head of GMP's Serious Crime Division, said: "The murder weapon in this case is still outstanding, and we are continuing to try and locate it so it cannot be used to seriously harm or kill someone else.

"Thanks to the work of Xcalibre, the number of firearms discharges continues to fall significantly across Greater Manchester, which is now a much safer place to live. Our current figures show we have reduced the number of discharges by up to 90 percent from 2007/08 - that is a huge number.

"However, we remain relentless in our determination to tackle all types of gun crime, protect our communities and bring offenders to justice.

"If anyone has information about the whereabouts of this gun, or any other, I would urge them in the strongest possible way to let us know. This can be done anonymously if that would make you feel more at ease. We will always act on information about the whereabouts of such weapons and with your help, we can continue to seize these deadly firearms and stop innocent people from being killed."
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