Tag a tot in Tameside

Police in Tameside are tagging tots in case they get separated from their parents.

Funded by New Charter and police, the Tameside South Neighbourhood Policing Team will be fitting wristbands to young children and giving advice leaflets to their guardians at the Splendid Weekend in Hyde Park on Saturday 21 July from 6pm and Sunday 22 July from midday.

Parent’s mobile phone number will be put on the wristbands, which the chid wears, so if they become separated they can be quickly reunited.

Police Community Support Officer Beverley Linney said: “The main idea of the campaign is to educate children on what they should do if they become separated from their guardian. It can be an extremely frightening time so it is important they are proactive and know what to do if the situation occurs.

“We will also be explaining about safer strangers. Safer strangers are people in authority and we recommend that any lost child approaches a police officer, a person in uniform or enters a shop rather than stop a person in the street to ask for help.”

People can contact police with information on 101, the new national non-emergency number.

Crimestoppers can be contacted anonymously on 0800 555 111. Crimestoppers is an independent charity that will not want your name, just your information. Your call will not be traced or recorded and you do not have to go to court or give a statement.

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