Jail for man who stole items belonging to woman killed

A man has been sentenced following the theft of woman's belongings.

On Wednesday 20 June 2012, Marc Kirvin (born 20/09/1965), of West Avenue, Altrincham, was sentenced at Manchester City Magistrates' Court to four months in prison. He pleaded guilty to theft by taking at an earlier hearing.

Kirvin was driving along Upper Brook Street on Thursday 29 March 2012, when he saw a pair of shoes and handbag in the street.

He stopped his car, picked up the belongings and drove off.

The shoes and handbag belonged to Sarwari Ashraf, aged 62, from the Longsight area, who was killed while crossing Upper Brook Street on Thursday 29 March 2012 at around 9.50am.

Detective Constable Anna Rickards from Longsight CID, said: "The circumstances leading up to the theft are tragic, and although Kirvin may not have known who these items belonged to, he knew they belonged to someone.

“Kirvin had no regard for his victim or the consequences of his greed.”

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