/ Drug dealer jailed for more than seven years

Bradley Walsh

Bradley Walsh

A drug dealer caught in possession of cocaine with a street value of more than £160,000 has been jailed.

Bradley Walsh (born 30/01/1984) of Goodiers Drive, Salford, was caught red-handed with 990 grams of cocaine with a purity of 83 percent.

He pleaded guilty with possession of a Class A drug with intent to supply at an earlier hearing and on Thursday 31 January 2013 was sentenced to seven years and two months imprisonment.

At about 7.55pm of Wednesday 10 October 2012, armed police stopped a taxi at Shudehill in Manchester city centre. Walsh was sat in the front.

A search of the taxi was carried out, and officers found a large brick-shaped package wrapped in tape stashed in a plastic bag.

This was later forensically analysed and found to contain 990 grams of cocaine with a purity of 83 percent. This itself was valued at about £50,000, and would have reached up to £160,000 when divided and resold on the streets.

Mobile phone were seized and officers recovered text messages littered with references to the cultivation and sale of drugs. Other text messages revealed threats to others if they did not pay drugs debts they owed.

Detective Chief Inspector Chris Downey, from Greater Manchester Police's Project Gulf team, said: "The jailing of Walsh for more than seven years is an absolutely fantastic result not just for the people of Salford, but everyone in Greater Manchester.

"What this shows is that absolutely no-one is untouchable. Criminals who terrorise communities with their drug dealing - which is often backed up with threats of violence - think they are above the law and cannot be caught. They could not be more wrong.

"I want to use this case to send a message to the people of Salford that we are constantly looking at different ways we can disrupt and dismantle members of organised crime groups who create a cycle of misery with their drug-dealing and violent actions.

"What this result shows is that no-one - regardless of their status within the criminal fraternity - can escape justice.

"The purity of the cocaine was extremely high, which was one of the reasons why the judge gave Walsh such a lengthy sentence. Not only would the sale of those drugs have funded Walsh's lifestyle, but they would have caused untold harm on the streets of Salford, propagating that cycle of misery which feeds people's addictions and leads them to commit other crimes to fund their habit.

"This is therefore, a great result and I hope it encourages people living in Salford of what we can achieve by working together."

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