Published 02/21/2013 08:49:09 AM

Every day the officers and staff of Greater Manchester Police are working to make communities safer and to bring criminals to justice. They have been listening to people who tell us what matters and what the issues are that they want to be tackled.

Now we know that you want to feel safe, to make sure criminal activity is not taking place in your neighbourhood and to see an end to antisocial behaviour.

For many years measuring whether we have been achieving this has been down to looking at statistics and figures. It has been about a 10 per cent drop in this and an eight per cent drop in that, but is that the best way to know whether things are improving?

Tackling crime is about more than just these numbers. It is about making our streets safer. It is about how things feel for you day-to-day. There is no easy way of measuring this.

This is why we need you to help us by telling us how you will judge success in tackling crime and antisocial behaviour in your neighbourhood. What does success look and feel like for you? How will you decide whether there has been an improvement brought about by policing?

To help us do this we need you to:

  • Capture an image
  • Send some audio
  • Describe in text

About how you know when things have been addressed to make your neighbourhood feel safer.

Become a community reporter for #myGMP

We want to use these as a way to help us measure whether we are making a difference. This is about more than just reaching targets it is about really improving all our communities.

Want to experience policing first hand? Then you should take part in a new initiative and become a GMP community reporter for ‘myGMP’.

We are giving a few people the chance to spend some time with neighbourhood teams and see first-hand what their police are doing on a daily basis. This more than ‘Police, Camera, Action’ or ‘999: What’s your emergency’, it is about real-life issues that officers deal with every day.

You will be asked to record your experiences through video, audio and if possible blogs to help give people an insight into what took place.

Deputy Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said: “This is a unique opportunity for people to be able to see behind the scenes at what officers and staff face on a daily basis. But also to give their views about what they experience.

“It is just part of our work to encourage people to tell us how they will judge whether we are making a difference. It isn’t about statistics it is about how it feels for people living, working or visiting Greater Manchester.”

If you want to share information with your community and to take part in this exciting opportunity complete this form.

Or you can send us photographs, video, audio or messages that explain how you will know when things have been successful in making your neighbourhood safer. Find out more here

Terms and conditions

  • Volunteers will be selected depending on availability and scheduling
  • Community patrols may be filmed and uploaded to social media
  • You will be expected to blog / tweet about your experiences
  • You will be required to sign an agreement with your officers before going on patrol with them
  • GMP will contact successful volunteers to arrange a patrol in their selected area

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