Published 02/21/2013 08:49:09 AM

#myGMP returns – could you be our next community reporter?

Following the success of the community reporter initiative in 2013 we are looking for more people to go on patrol with their local officers and give us their views.

MyGMP is your chance to see what officers are doing to keep your community safe and the challenges they are facing in doing that.

What do you need to be?

You need to be:

• Interested in policing in your local area
• Willing to give up a few hours to go out with officers
• Able to blog, post or tweet about your experiences

All we ask is that you approach the patrol with an open mind and that you are prepared to write and share your experience with others.

The first group of community reporter patrols will be arranged during late May and June so please get your application to us.

If you want to know what it is like check out what Kirsty got up to when out on patrol in Wythenshawe.



Hey Everyone,

I am Kirsty Ashton and I live in Wythenshawe with my parents. I am a regular Twitter user and follow my local GMP Wythenshawe.

Not long ago they put a call out asking for local people to fill out an online form to become a community reporter. I did just this and within two weeks I was out on the beat with Officer Debbie Wright.

I did not know what to expect this evening, but what I can tell you is, that I felt really welcome and we got on great. I had a tour of the station and met several of the other officers who were just as nice. I had a look at some of the jobs we would be dealing with.  

We went in the police car, and went to a few areas where we dealt with an investigation and antisocial behaviour. It was great to see how Officer Debbie Wright handled each situation differently and how each situation was dealt with.

I am looking forward to going back on the beat with Debbie in a few months’ time, and it would be great to film different things whilst I am on the beat to show you what it is like. I had a fantastic time, not only does it increase your awareness of what is going on in your local area but it improves the respect with your local force.

I’d advise anyone to do this. If you would like to get in touch and nominate yourself you can do this by filling in the form of on the GMP website.




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