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Meet the Team

  • Andy Wheeler

  • Arron Cooper - Sergeant

    Arron Cooper

  • Danny Atherton - Sergeant

    Danny Atherton

  • Nick Derbyshire - Sergeant

    Nick Derbyshire

  • Steve Gartside - Sergeant

    Steve Gartside

  • Lisa Robinson - Constable

    Lisa Robinson

  • Mohammed Kashif - Constable

    Mohammed Kashif

  • Paul Rainsford - Constable

    Paul Rainsford

  • Zahid Iqbal - Constable

    Zahid Iqbal

  • Mohammed Wassem - Police Community Support Officer

    Mohammed Wassem

  • Pamela Halliwell - Police Community Support Officer

    Pamela Halliwell

  • Pauline Caulcott - Police Community Support Officer

    Pauline Caulcott

  • Rhiannon Ashworth - Police Community Support Officer

    Rhiannon Ashworth

  • Emma Capper - School Based Constable

    Emma Capper

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