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Meet the Team

  • Chris Evans - Sergeant

    Chris Evans

  • Chris Roddy

  • Greg Morgan

  • Karl Cummings - Constable

    Karl Cummings

  • Mark Shaw - Constable

    Mark Shaw

  • Richard O'Brien - Constable

    Richard O'Brien

  • Robert Hetherington - Constable

    Robert Hetherington

  • Vicky Bailey - Constable

    Vicky Bailey

  • Claire Thatcher - Police Community Support Officer

    Claire Thatcher

  • Colin Hogg - Police Community Support Officer

    Colin Hogg

  • Helen Hunt - Police Community Support Officer

    Helen Hunt

  • Jane Demidoff - Police Community Support Officer

    Jane Demidoff

  • Maureen Crehan - Police Community Support Officer

    Maureen Crehan

  • Paul Golton - Police Community Support Officer

    Paul Golton

  • Simon Dooley - Police Community Support Officer

    Simon Dooley

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Andrew Catterall / Bob Cantrell / Darren Spurgeon / Martin Baker / Roger Edwards

Inspector Andrew Catterall Inspector Bob Cantrell Inspector Darren Spurgeon Inspector Martin Baker Inspector Roger EdwardsBob Cantrell The Bramhall & Woodford Local Policing Team are determined to everything reasonable possible to keep the residents and genuine visitors to Bramhall and Woodford safe, making it a great place to live, shop or spend some leisure time. We will target and disrupt, through various measures, those individuals who do not respect the rights of the law abiding, peaceful citizens & visitors in the area. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, it’s only through good communica...click here to read more

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