/ Specials: What is the Special Constabulary?

The Special Constabulary consists of volunteer officers, who assist with the policing of Greater Manchester. As a Special Constable you will work alongside regular officers, and will be expected to commit a minimum of 4 hours service per week (an average of 208 hours per annum).

Special Constables are a vital part of the police service, helping to prevent crime and interacting with the diverse communities we serve. Being a Special Constable is a great way to give something back to your local community and develop new skills.

What will I do as a Special Constable?

In your role as a Special Constable, you will be given full training and a uniform, and have the same powers and authority as regular officers whilst on duty. The role is undertaken on a voluntary basis to assist regular officers and PCSOs with a wide variety of duties, responding to various situations such as: 

  • Detecting and investigating crimes;
  • Taking statements from offenders and witnesses;
  • Making arrests;
  • Interviewing witnesses, offenders and suspects of crime;
  • Taking fingerprints and photographs of offenders;
  • Writing case summaries and local intelligence reports;
  • Submitting paperwork for summons;
  • Attending court and giving evidence;
  • Assisting with community liaison and crime prevention initiatives.

The role is diverse but demanding – you could be doing anything from policing a football match to assisting at a road traffic accident. Whatever you do, you will be making a positive contribution to your local community.

Am I eligible to join the Special Constabulary?

Applicants to the Special Constabulary must be of good character, at least 18 years old on application, and in good health. Although you do not need any formal qualifications, a good standard of education is required and your eyesight must be within acceptable limits.

The recruitment process will assess your suitability in a variety of areas but we are mainly looking for commitment, motivation, flexibility and good interpersonal skills,with the ability to think on your feet in challenging situations.

Certain occupations will preclude an application to the Special Constabulary where there could be a potential conflict in business interests. However, Special Constables are usually drawn from a wide variety of occupations and backgrounds.

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