Police Officers: The job-related fitness test

The Job Related Fitness Test consists of 2 tests designed to test your endurance and dynamic strength.

Test 1: Endurance Test (bleep test)

Commonly called the bleep test, you will be asked to keep running between two points which are 15 metres apart. The speed you must run is dictated by a bleep, and the time allowed to run one shuttle will get shorter as the level increases.

You must reach Level 5.4 to pass.

How to Prepare:

  • Start running
  • Run at a fast pace for 10 minutes, rather than a slow pace for 20 minutes.
  • Run at a pace where you find talking whilst running difficult.
  • Each workout - try to improve by a small amount, run that little bit further or that little bit faster.

How often should I train?

To make a real difference you should train for endurance 3 - 4 times a week.

Test 2: Dynamic Strength

The dynamic strength test mimics a seated bench press action and a seated rowing action. You will be asked to perform 8 repetitions on the push and 8 repetitions on the pull. The machine works out the average of your 5 repetitions and gives you a score.

You must push 34 Kg and pull 35 Kg to pass.

A video on preparing for the fitness test can give you more tips: 


How to Prepare:

  • Practice seated rows and bench presses.
  • You are training to perform 5 repetitions at a maximal level, therefore performing several sets of 20 repetitions of bench presses or seated rows will not be optimal training. You must use enough weight that you struggle to perform six repetitions.
  • Once you can perform 10 repetitions, increase the weight so that you again struggle to perform 6.
  • Ask for advice if you are unsure of how to perform this exercise.

How often should I train?

  • Two times a week, leaving 48 - 72 hours between sessions.


  • Consult a medical practitioner prior to engaging in any strenuous physical exercise program.

Training Schedule

  • Too many people leave training for this test to the last minute. You need to start training now if you are serious about joining the police. If you leave preparation until you have been given a date for your fitness test you may not have enough time to prepare.
  • This is a suggested general training schedule for you to follow, showing the frequency you should be exercising. What you do during each session will be dependent on the standard you are at now. Remember to try to improve by that little bit between sessions.
  • Remember to always warm up before training and cool down after training.
  • If you are unsure of how to start seek advice from your doctor or gym instructor. 
Week Day Exercise
1 1 - Monday Endurance, Dynamic strength
  2 - Tuesday Rest
  3 - Wednesday Endurance, Grip
  4 - Thursday Endurance, Dynamic strength, Grip
  5 - Friday Rest
  6 - Saturday Endurance, Grip
  7 - Sunday Rest
2 8 - Monday Endurance, Dynamic strength
  9 - Tuesday Endurance, Grip
  10 - Wednesday Rest
  11 - Thursday Endurance, Dynamic strength
  12 - Friday Grip
  13 - Saturday Rest
  14 - Sunday Endurance, Grip
3 15 - Monday Rest
  16 - Tuesday Enudrance, Dynamic strength, Grip
  17 - Wednesday Endurance
  18 - Thursday Rest
  19 - Friday Dynamic strength, Grip
  20 - Saturday Endurance, Grip
  21 - Sunday Rest
4 22 - Monday Endurance, Dynamic strength
  23 - Tuesday Endurance, Grip
  24 - Wednesday Rest
  25 - Thursday Endurance, Dynamic strength, Grip
  26 - Friday Rest
  27 - Saturday Endurance, Grip
  28 - Sunday Rest

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