/ Talon: Staying Safe

The vast majority of people have a fun safe night out without any problems. Here are some tips to make sure you do:

Pace your drinks

  • To enjoy a longer night out - pace your drinks and drink plenty of water
  • Always try to eat something before a night out. This will help soak up the alcohol.
  • If you feel too drunk, switch to soft drinks for a while. Water will rehydrate your brain, lessen the hangover pain and help stop dizziness and queasiness
  • Don’t leave your drink unattended, even when going to the toilet
  • Do not share or exchange drinks
  • Never accept a drink from anyone you do not completely trust

Friends stay together

  • Go into town together and leave together.
  • Do not wander off from your friends without letting anyone know where you are going and arrange a meeting point in case you do become separated.

Take safe transport

  • Try to pre-book a taxi before going out and arrange to be picked up from a safe, and well-lit meeting point.
  • Ensure the taxi you ordered is the one you get into
  • Know the car details and ensure the driver knows what name it was booked under
  • Find out where taxi ranks are and try to choose staffed ones
  • If alone, book a taxi firm you know and trust. Do not get a private hire car (they look like a normal car) unless you have booked them first. Only hackney carriages (traditional black cabs) are insured to carry passengers who have flagged them down. Always sit in the back, preferably behind the driver.
  • Some pubs and clubs will book you a taxi and allow you to wait in their premises.

Night bus

  • Night buses run until around 3am in parts of Greater Manchester. Find out when the last bus leaves so that you don't become stranded.
  • Try to catch the bus from stops with bus loaders. If there isn't any in your town, use well-lit bus stops in busy areas
  • If alone, sit as near to the driver as possible and avoid empty upper decks. Tell the driver or guard if someone bothers you


  • Avoid walking home alone. If you have no other choice, walk in the middle of the pavement and avoid short cuts through dimly lit deserted areas. Face ongoing traffic where you can be seen as this will avoid the surprise of a vehicle approaching from behind.
  • If you think you are being followed, cross the street several times if necessary. If you still think you are being followed, walk to the busiest area you can find or knock on somebody's door. There are various help points in Manchester city centre that are linked to a CCTV operator.

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