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What are Specials?

The Special Constabulary consists of volunteer officers, who give up their spare time to assist with the policing of Greater Manchester and increase the effectiveness of local police initiatives. Special Constables are a vital part of the police service, helping to prevent crime and interacting with the diverse communities we serve.

  • They are volunteer police officers with full Constabulary powers;
  • They assist with local police initiatives;
  • They give at least four hours service per week.

What do Specials do?

  • Assist regular police officers;
  • Increase visibility and public reassurance;
  • Crime reduction initiatives;
  • Community partnership projects.

There are many benefits for individuals, the police service and the local community.

As a Special Constable you will be provided with full training, a uniform, and out of pocket expenses and have all the powers and authority of regular officers.

Use these pages to find out more about being a Special Constable with Greater Manchester Police and details of how to apply. If you have any general queries please email: recruitmentservices@gmp.police.uk

Find out more about where you could work by visiting GMP's Neighbourhood Policing pages.


Vision Statement

Greater Manchester Police are committed to delivering a policing service which is designed around people’s needs, which makes them safer, helps them to feel safer and improves their lives.

We believe that the Special Constabulary are an integral part of the wider policing family, providing a flexible, visible, responsive and committed resource which assists us to improve service delivery and find solid solutions to crime and disorder problems.

We are committed to supporting the recruitment, training and development of our Special Constables and providing them with the necessary skills and equipment to undertake their role.


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