/ Where's Yours? Advice on keeping your technology safe

Making it harder for thieves and robbers to target your mobile phone and other portable valuables is easier than you think.

Follow the advice here to protect your valuables and yourself when out and about:


  • Register your valuables on www.immobilise.com. It’s free and could help you get them back if they are lost or stolen
  • Keep your valuables out of sight and in a secure pocket, case or handbag when you are not using them
  • When you are using them in a public place remain aware of your surroundings and people around you
  • Use security lock codes on your electronic valuables if they have them
  • Keep a record of the electronic serial number (ESN) of your electronic valuables
  • If you have a phone with an IMEI number keep this also. You can access this by typing *#06# (star hash 06 hash) into your mobile. It will display the 15 digit IMEI code for that phone
  • Security mark your valuables with your postcode and house number
  • Report lost or stolen phones immediately to the police and service provider

Do not:

  • Attract attention to your phone or other valuables when you are carrying or using them in public places
  • Park in dark, isolated places or take short cuts through them on your own
  • Leave valuables on show in an unattended car

Thousands of phones, lap tops, tablets and MP3 players are stolen every month. Following this simple advice could help ensure that yours are not.

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