/ Property marking

Marking your property makes it less attractive to thieves and helps you get your possessions back if the police find them. There are a few simple methods you can use:

Write down serial numbers

If the serial number of a stolen item is known, it can be circulated as stolen in a similar way to a registration number of a stolen car.

Ultraviolet marking

Ultraviolet marker pens are available in stationers and security shops. The ink is invisible to the eye under normal light. Write your postcode and house number (or the first three letters of your house name) on all of your possessions. Always make the mark on the underneath your items.

This 60 second video shows how to property mark with a U.V Pen.

Liquid forensic coded solutions

This is a special forensically coded liquid that you can paint over your possessions. This solution is visible only under ultraviolet light. Each batch of the painting solution is made specifically for just one customer – so items can be identified very easily.

Take photos of your property

Photographing your property against a ruler makes comparisons with found items easier. Flatter items like watches can be photocopied.

Register your information online

Visit the National Property Register's Immobilise website and register your information online. It's a free service that allows you to register any item that has a make, model and serial number. In the event of loss or theft you can flag an item as lost or stolen on your account. 

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