/ Internet safety

Online crime is rising and getting more sophisticated. Thankfully, there are some great websites that will help you and your family use the internet safely and securely.

Guidance for Parents

  • Locate the computer in a central, communal area of the house. Put it in the family room or the lounge - not in a child's bedroom.
  • Establish specific times when access to the Internet is permitted and keep to that schedule.
  • If your child uses a computer at school, call and see if his or her school has adopted an 'acceptable use policy' for the Internet. Ask for a copy of this 'AUP' and use it to establish your own guidelines at home.
  • Limit the length of access time. This will encourage your child to go directly to the information required, rather than wander aimlessly around the Internet.
  • Explain to your children that many sites on the Internet are not appropriate for children and they are expected to stay away from them.
  • Advise your child never use their real name when using chatrooms or reveal any personal information.
  • Consider installing software to monitor access to the Internet.

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