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Initial Police Learning and Development Programme

Student Officers have a probation period, lasting two years, on joining Greater Manchester Police. The training over the two years takes you through a comprehensive and professional programme enabling you to effectively fulfil your role as a police officer serving the community in which you work.

This is an example of the initial training programme you will be engaged in, on successful application to Greater Manchester Police. The location of this section of your training includes periods at Sedgley Park Centre, Prestwich; the Claytonbrook complex for Officer Safety and Mutual Aid training; divisional classrooms in operational police stations and various types of community venues ranging from schools to rugby clubs. None of the training is residential and generally is conducted weekdays between the hours of 8am and 4pm, with occasional necessity to vary a shift to an afternoon or weekend tour of duty. Generally, you will wear uniform throughout your training programme.

The initial training is divided into three phases, and lasts for 28 weeks with two weeks built into the programme for annual leave. Leave at this stage will be taken as directed. Following this you will have a workplace assessment. Successful completion at this point will make you eligible for independent patrol. Over the following 18 months, you will continue to be assessed and will return to Sedgley Park, or other training venues for further legislative training.

Weeks 1 – 10

This incorporates a general induction into GMP; an introduction to the main policies and procedures, including professional standards and expectations; Officer Safety Training, communication training, the assessment process for the probationary period, divisional community placements incorporating partnership awareness, the attestation ceremony and some basic legislation.

Weeks 11 – 28

This is the main section of the legislative training programme. You will work aligned to an Area Training Base, of which there are 5 across the force. It includes witness and suspect interview training, search techniques, a divisional project week and annual leave. During this time, you will be mainly based at community venues across the force area and will conduct role-plays in public shopping areas with community role players.

Tutor Phase

Following this initial training programme, you will commence a period of 10 weeks workplace assessment with a tutor constable on your posted division. You may be on shifts during this period.

Phase 4. Weeks 40 – 42

You will return to your Area Training Base and conduct a further two weeks training in relation to executing search warrants, court and file skills.

Independent Patrol/Phase 4. Weeks 43 - 104

During this time you will be on independent patrol attached to a Neighbourhood Policing or Response team. You will be continually assessed during this period by a sergeant and will complete an assessment document. You will return to a training venue for 3 additional developmental courses throughout this period covering advanced legislation.


At the successful completion of this two year probation period, you will be confirmed in the rank of Constable.

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