Emergency Planning Unit

The Emergency Planning Unit (EPU) is a dedicated unit of officers and support staff within the Specialist Operations Branch of GMP.

The EPU works with other agencies to ensure that the Force is prepared to respond to any critical incident or major emergency by producing emergency and contingency plans, for e.g.:

  • unknown incidents at unknown locations such as a plane crash.
  • unknown incidents at known locations such as sports stadiums such as Old Trafford Football Stadium.
  • known incidents at known locations such as chemical plants.

These plans are compatible with the plans of the other emergency services and Local Authority to enable us to work together at an incident enabling us to fulfil the police role as co-ordinator of the overall emergency response.

The EPU in co-operation with other agencies, provides training through exercises designed both to test the plans and to raise awareness of emergency procedures to enable staff to deal with and respond to major incidents.

In the event of a critical incident or emergency the EPU staff provide the necessary support to the overall incident commander.

Community Risk Register

The 2010 community risk register is available from the link on the right.

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