/ What we spend and how we spend it

A list of contracts valued under £10K

  • A list of contracts valued under £10K is available under Related attachments to the right of this page.

Budget and Accounts

Procurement and Tenders

NOTE: Unfortunately the list of contracts being tendered does not include tenders which are in any way restricted. Tenders which wouldn’t appear on the list include:

(a) Low value quotes/tenders which are only sent to a limited number of suppliers (as per the CCFI) and aren’t advertised openly
(b) Further competition using only a select list of suppliers from an existing framework
(c) Tenders issued to a restricted list of suppliers following elimination of other suppliers by a PQQ

Transparency report

Chief Officer Expenses and Interests

Pay and grading structure

  • Pay and grading structure: see attached document under Related Attachments to the right of this page.
  • Salaries greater than £58,400 or the number of employees whose remuneration, excluding pension contributions, was £50,000 or more (bands of £5,000) See Chief Constable of GMP's Statement of Accounts (NOTES TO THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Section: indexed subsection; Remuneration) under the Related Attachments to the right of this page.

Evaluation of police use of resources

Support for the Provision of PCSOs

Financial Regulations

  • The Financial Regulations have been the responsibility of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Greater Manchester (GMP CC) since December 2012 and are published here (scroll to the bottom of the page, under the heading 'Financial Regulations').

Annual statement of accounts

The Chief Constables audited annual statement of accounts is available here under Related attachments towards the bottom of the page.

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