/ Antisocial behaviour: How you can stop it

The DirectGov website has information about how to deal with different types of antisocial behaviour: 

  • nuisance neighbours
  • dog fouling
  • grafitti
  • fly-posting
  • groups causing harassment or intimidation
  • reckless driving of mini-motorbikes
  • fly-tipping
  • litter
  • abandoned vehicles
  • street drinking
  • prostitution/kerb crawling
  • vandalism
  • fireworks misuse

You should also consider joining your local Home Watch scheme.

How Greater Manchester Police can help

Early intervention – including police visits and warning letters – can stop antisocial behaviour. Methods used include: 

  • one-off fines (fixed-penalty notices) and penalty notices for disorder
  • parenting orders (e.g. getting parents to make sure the child attends school)
  • individual support orders to tackle the underlying causes of antisocial behaviour
  • noise abatement notices
  • injunctions
  • moving crowds away from problem areas (dispersal powers)
  • drug-house closure orders
  • premises closure orders
  • possession proceedings
  • arrest and jail sentences

Police Community Support Officers

Our team of PCSOs walk the streets of Greater Manchester and have powers to stop antisocial behaviour. Speak to them if you have any concerns about behaviour in your area.

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