Stop and search

Stop and Search – request for a full record of the encounter

To obtain a full record of a stop search encounter, please follow the link below and complete the information request page:
Alternatively, you may wish to either visit your local police station, or telephone us on our general enquiries number: 101. We will send you this information in the post, or by email, as necessary

Stop and Search - History and Background

Following a change in legislation in the spring of 2011, GMP officers no longer use the ‘Stop and Account’ procedure, but continue to utilise their ‘Stop and Search’ powers where necessary– as defined by Part One of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 .

Statistical information relating to Diversity Monitoring Data can be found here:

If you have been the subject of a stop and search encounter with a GMP Officer, you will have received a receipt.  This includes all relevant contact details for the officer concerned and the time and date you were searched.  As the officer may not have recorded your name please use these details when requesting a copy of the full record of your search.

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