/ Where's Yours? Safeguarding your iPhone

Got an iPhone 4, iPad, or 4th generation iPod touch?

Find My iPhone is free for anyone with an iPhone 4, 5, iPad, or 4th generation iPod touch. Just sign in with your Apple ID on your qualifying device and turn on Find My iPhone to allow you to locate it. Then use the same Apple ID to turn on Find My iPhone on your other iOS 4.2 (or later) devices including iPhone 3G, 3GS, or iPod touch (2nd generation or later).

Display a message or play a sound to help you find it.

Say you have just used Find My iPhone, and it turns out you left your iPhone in someone’s office. You can write a message and display it on your screen. Something like, “This is Joe Bloggs' phone. Please call him on 0161 123 4567 .” Your message appears, even if the screen is locked. And if the map shows that your iPhone is nearby — perhaps in your office under a pile of papers — yet you still can’t find it, you can tell Find My iPhone to play a sound that overrides the volume or silent setting.

Set a passcode lock remotely.

If you realise that you left your iPhone in a public place, you may want to protect its contents until it’s safely back in your hands. Remotely set a four-digit passcode lock to prevent people from using your iPhone, accessing your personal information, or tampering with your settings.

Protect your privacy with Remote Wipe.

Addresses, phone numbers, email, photos. Your iPhone contains important and personal information — information you probably don’t want in the hands of a stranger. So if you lose your iPhone and displaying a message on it hasn’t resulted in its safe return, you can initiate a remote wipe to restore it to its factory settings. If you eventually find your iPhone, just connect it to your computer and use iTunes to restore the data from your most recent backup.

Click here for full instructions on how to set up the iCloud on your Apple devices

If you lose your iPhone, Find My iPhone can help.

Enable Find My iPhone in Settings. Then if you misplace your iPhone, you can sign in to me.com from any computer web browser or using the Find My iPhone app on another iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to display its approximate location on a map.

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