/ Personal Safety: Mobile phone crime

Technology is allowing us to do more and more things through our phones – from shopping to banking to social media – as well as making calls and sending texts.

Not only are our phones more valuable in themselves, but many of them will also contain valuable data, whether that's downloaded music and films, or personal information.

As a result, they can be a very tempting target for thieves.

For advice on how to protect your mobile phone, see the useful tips below, or click here for more information.

  • Keep your phone hidden in public places.                                      
  • Your phone will have security built in – like additional security codes. Use them.
  • Only give your number to family, and to friends that you trust.
  • If your plans change, send a new text to keep people updated on where you are.
  • If alone, set your phone to vibrate so that it doesn’t attract attention.
  • If you take a lift or taxi, text the registration number to someone that you trust
  • Most phones allow 999 calls even if you have no credit left or have the keypad locked.
  • Dial *#06# for your phone’s serial number and keep this in a safe place.

Mark and register your phone

Advice for parents

Spend time with your children learning the basics of how to text. This will give you a chance to talk about personal safety. Talk to them about how to send and receive texts, switch on reports, use punctuation and symbols, use predictive text, and hold down keys for numbers.

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