Firearms Licensing

** All renewals may take approximately 14 weeks to process due to new procedures. We apologise for any inconvenience. We are working towards reducing the processing time and seek your assistance by asking you to submit your applications on receipt of your reminder. Thank you. **


For Firearms & Shotgun Grant or Renewal Applications

1. Complete the Firearms / Shotgun application form (Form 201) and return together with 4 passport photographs, (one signed by yourself and print your name). Your Cheque / Postal Order should be made payable to "The PCC for Greater Manchester": (Firearms Certificate £88 Grant / £62 Renewal, Shotgun Certificate £79.50 Grant / £49 Renewal).

2. ALL applicants must submit the form "Occupants List".

3. The "Referee Certification Form" should be handed to your nominated Referee(s) for them to complete and for them to send by post to this unit.

4. The ‘Occupants List’ and the ‘Referee Certification Form’ are non-statutory forms; however in order that Greater Manchester Police can conduct full intelligence checks and ensure public safety these details are required to process the applications. It is recognised that applicants if they so wished would not need to complete these documents, however it must be understood that if this course of action was decided upon , it would have a very serious detrimental effect on the time taken to satisfy the enhanced vetting procedures adopted as standardised practice by Greater Manchester Police. Therefore all applicants are strongly advised to partake in providing what is considered as being necessary information in order to complete the vetting process to the required standards.

Greater Manchester Police
Firearms Licensing
Nexus House

Variation of Firearms

Any applications made for the variation of Firearms must be on Form 201V. Photos and referees are not required, however a payment of £20 made payable to "The PCC for Greater Manchester" is payable.

Coterminous Grant & Renewal Fees

From the 6th of April 2015 the following table of fees apply for Firearms Licensing purposes and replace all previous fees.
Please make all cheques payable to “PCC for Greater Manchester”

Firearms Certificate Grant / Renewal £88 / £62
Shotgun Certificate
Grant / Renewal £79.50 / £49
Registered Firearms Dealer Grant / Renewal £200
British Visitors Permit Individual / Group £20 / £100
Coterminous Certificate Grant / Renewal £90 / £65
Game Fairs (RFD Extension) Grant £13
Replacement Certificate   £4
Variation (Not Like for Like)   £20

Other forms

Authority to shoot over land

Weapons transfer

When you send your application to the Firearms Licensing Unit please ensure you put the correct value of stamps on. If the letter is underpaid it may not be delivered by the Post Office promptly and we will be charged excess postage.

About the Unit

Our unit is responsible for the granting and renewal of shotgun and firearm certificates. We also provide information on many other aspects relating to the topic of shooting, to allow you to enjoy your chosen sport safely and legally.

We deal in the licensing of explosives and have two Explosives Liaison Officers within the unit who can assist with any queries you have in relation to this subject.

Firstly, we must emphasise that our policy is based on ensuring that public safety is not jeopardised. Our work, including the necessary vetting of each and every applicant, inevitably takes time. Certificates authorising the legal ownership of firearms cannot be issued without proper and thorough investigation of an applicant's background. These steps are essential to ensuring that firearms and explosives should not fall into the wrong hands.

Every effort will be made to process each application with the utmost efficiency and in the shortest possible time. To avoid unnecessary delay, applicants can assist us by ensuring that all submitted details are correct.

Contact Us

We also offer simple advice and information - using plain English - on various topics relating to shotguns, firearms and explosives.
Should you require any help or advice, the unit can be contacted during office hours on:
Telephone: 0161 856 0820
Fax: 0161 856 0822

Please note that forms on this page other than application forms 201, 201a, 202, Explosive forms ER4, ER4A, ER4B & applications for Registrations for Storage of Explosives ER2 are non - statutory, however, process times will be greatly enhanced when using non-statutory forms as part of an application. E.g. “Authority to Shoot Over Land”.

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