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Giving Back

Giving Back Header

Giving back to our communities

We have an opportunity to put funds back in to certain areas of Greater Manchester using money seized from criminals.

ARIS, which stands for the Asset Recovery Incentivisation Scheme, gives us the opportunity to use money we’ve taken from criminals (or that they have had to pay back once they’ve been convicted of doing something illegal) to help communities.

It’s all part of our commitment to working together, listening to our communities and sharing information to tackle the issues that matter most to you.

Tackling antisocial behaviour

We are absolutely committed to tackling antisocial behaviour across Greater Manchester, and we’ve listened when you’ve told us that it’s something you care about too.

Our scheme “Giving Back” is an opportunity for people like you to help us give the money to the individuals, organisations and groups that can help tackle antisocial behaviour in your community.

We now have money for certain areas in Greater Manchester, and we need you to help decide where it’s going to be spent where you live. We currently have funding available in the following areas:

How you can get involved

Apply for funding

We need to hear your ideas for innovative projects that, if given funding, could help tackle antisocial behaviour and make the area you live in the best place it can be. These projects will aim to tackle the issue in your community in order to make it a happier, healthier and safer place to live, work and enjoy.

If you live in one of the key areas and think an idea you have or a project you’re involved in/are currently organising could fit the bill, have a read of the criteria and apply by clicking your area below:

Have your say

We’ll be holding events in each of the key areas, inviting applicants who are successful at the first stage of the process to present their idea to people from the community – we want as many people as possible from the area to come along, listen to the ideas and vote for the one they think will make the most difference.

Events are being held on the following dates in each area. Contact your local representative for more information:

Giving Back 2

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