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Legal Services

How do I make a civil claim for compensation against GMP?

If your claim relates to:

Damage to or loss of property (including forced entry to premises);

Unattended vehicle or premises search.

It must be made in writing and sent to the following address:

Property and Disclosure Unit
Legal Services
c/o Openshaw Complex
Lawton Street
M11 2NS

For all other claims, your claim must be made in writing to the following address:

Civil Litigation Unit
Legal Services
c/o Openshaw Complex
Lawton Street
M11 2NS

There are rules governing civil litigation which can be found at:


In particular, certain claims for compensation for personal injury should be made by submitting a standard form via an on-line website, known as the claims portal. More information can be found here: http://www.claimsportal.org.uk/en/

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