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What actions do local authorities take against parking on the pavement?

If there are waiting restrictions (yellow lines) on the road next to the pavement then a fine (Penalty Charge Notice) can be issued to any vehicle contravening the waiting restrictions. Waiting restrictions apply from the centre of the carriageway to the back of the pavement (building line).

If there are no waiting restrictions for example no yellow lines, local authorities have no powers to take action. The parking of vehicles on the pavement is a danger to pedestrians, could constitute an obstruction of the highway and can lead to damage, which are both offences that should be reported to Greater Manchester Police via 101.

Vehicles are double parking on my street and causing an obstruction, what can I do?

The double parking of vehicles which narrows the road enough to obstruct the highway should reported to Greater Manchester Police.

Can I stop people parking on the road outside my house and taking ‘my’ parking space?

Nobody has the right to park on the road outside their own home, although we fully sympathise with the desire to do so. In this respect local residents have no more legal rights than any other motorist whose vehicle is legally roadworthy.

Parents are parking in our street to drop off/pick up their children from school and volume of traffic is causing problems, can anything be done?

Unfortunately, there is no simple solution to the traffic problems that occur outside the entrances to schools. We know that between 20-25% of peak hour traffic are from school trips. The Government and Local Authorities are aware of the problems that such traffic causes in terms of congestion, pollution and parking and schemes will be implemented through future School Travel Plans, through this initiative parents will be encouraged to allow their children to walk or cycle to school.

Can Greater Manchester Police deal with vehicles parking on School keep clear yellow zig zag markings?

This is a waiting offence and is dealt with by local authority civil enforcement offers either via patrols or CCTV monitored vehicles


Parking on the road, no waiting restrictions

Parking on the road where waiting restrictions are not present.

Who enforces? No one as this is OK.


Parking on the road, waiting restrictions double/single yellow lines, kerb loading markings, residents parking, disabled bays, loading bays, bus stops and cycle lanes

Parking on the road where waiting restrictions are in place.

Who enforces? Local authorities through civil enforcement officers only


Parking on the footway/verge with waiting restrictions adjacent on the carriageway. This includes parking bays, residents parking and cycle lanes.

Who enforces? Local authorities through civil enforcement officers only.


Parking on the footway/verge and causing an obstruction (where pedestrians or vulnerable road users are forced into the road) where waiting restrictions are not present.

Who enforces? Greater Manchester Police via 101.


Obstructing Driveways /  H bars

If your vehicle (Orange) is parked on your drive and a vehicle is stopping you from accessing the highway this is classed as an obstruction please speak to your community and make ownership enquiries before contacting Greater Manchester Police on 101
If a vehicle is blocking access to your driveway and your vehicle is on the highway this is an inconvenience and not classed as an obstruction in road traffic law.
Driveway Protection Markings (also known as H-bars) are advisory road markings which are denoted by a solid white line with end bars situated in front of a driveway.
These road markings are designed to make motorists aware that there is dropped kerb or vehicular access point in that section of road.

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