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Community Engagement

  • Community engagement specifically in relation to stop and search in GMP takes a variety of forms.
  • From local community stop and search monitoring group meetings to lessons delivered by schools officers to community led training initiatives.
  • Due to the varied nature of neighbourhoods across Greater Manchester each Division has its own methods and style of delivery. Consequently each Division works to its own Community Stop and Search Engagement Plan.

Youth Engagement

  • Youth engagement is a key activity for Greater Manchester Police and is embedded in the work of all neighbourhoods.  GMP has a dedicated officer who is responsible for practice with children and young people.  Every secondary / high school has access to their local neighbourhood police officer and every primary school has access to their local PCSO. In some areas there are also externally funded police officers who are employed full time working with their schools.  On every division we have a Volunteer Police Cadet unit, with some divisions having two, which support the work of GMP.
  • Stop and search is included in many youth engagement activities.

Youth engagement specifically in relation to stop and search takes two distinct themes: Rights & Responsibilities and Trust & Confidence, recent activities include:

  • South Manchester: Youth groups have been working alongside neighbourhood police officers to develop a stop and search training video for local officers.
  • South Manchester: Manchestarz Youth Group delivered stop and search training to approx 50 officers
  • Salford: University media students developed a video outlining the viewpoint of the person searched used for the training of officers force-wide    
  • Rochdale: Local youth forums actively engage with divisional officers in the scrutiny of local use of stop and search
  • Trafford: Voluntary group Community Change Foundation provided conflict awareness training to local officers incorporating an element of stop and search

Equality Objective

  • Stop and search has been identified as one of 29 Equality objectives that we will be working on throughout 2014 up until 2017.  This is incorporated within GMP’s Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Strategy that can be found on the Equality Publications Page.

Stop and Search Monitoring and Complaints

  • Since December 2014, GMP have been publishing, on a quarterlbasis, the stop and search monitoring report also on the Equality Publications Page and on the Monitoring Reports section of this Stop and Search section.
  • This gives a breakdown of data on Stop and Search for each local authority area. The document enables the local community stop and search monitoring groups to scrutinise the use of stop and search by their local police and to hold them to account.
  • On a monthly basis,the force stop and search data is now also shared with the government website which is published and accessible by all.
  • In accordance with the Best Use of Stop and Search Scheme, each complaint arising from a stop and search encounter is scrutinised by the local Stop and Search Lead officer who will explain to the local Community Stop and Search Monitoring Group the local policy for stop and search at that time.
  • In addition to the requirements of the Scheme, we will also liaise with our Community Stop and Search Monitoring Groups in the event of any planned police activity that may result in an increase in the use of stop and search.
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