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PermaLink Integrity in policing31/01/2013 08:13
The Home Affairs Select Committee is presently conducting an inquiry into police leadership and have picked up in this the issue of integrity and corruption in policing.

PermaLink New Year's Eve02/01/2013 10:26
I spent New Year’s Eve on duty in Manchester ‘s City centre. I first called in on what we call "silver control” at our training centre at Sedgley Park which was to oversee the City Centre policing making good use of an array of CCTV screens.

PermaLink A Christmas thank you from the Chief Constable21/12/2012 11:15
The festive period is always a time to reflect on the past and to look forward to the year ahead. This has been a challenging year for Greater Manchester Police particularly the loss of our two colleagues Fiona and Nicola.

PermaLink Reflecting on a very difficult time09/10/2012 14:59
The funerals for Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone were dignified but painful events where the shock of two young lives lost hit home hard. It is has been incredibly difficult time for the families of Nicola and Fiona.

PermaLink Olympics in sight01/08/2012 10:59
After all the focus on security at the Olympics it is good to see that the attention is now on the sport and I hope it stays that way.

PermaLink My thoughts on the Winsor Report and more02/04/2012 11:50
Last week was dominated by publication of the Winsor Report Part 2 into police pay and conditions. The media concentrated on the issue of fitness tests and the cut to the pay of new recruits.

PermaLink Policing in the new year09/01/2012 10:10
Firstly Happy New Year to all who read this. We possibly hoped that things would quieten down between Christmas and New Year but that is not how policing is and certainly not in Greater Manchester. In the early hours of Boxing Day officers had to deal with a young man shot at the side of the road in the midst of a group of traumatised and horrified fellow students. This very quickly became a national and international news story.

PermaLink Operation Audacious, the new Force Headquarters and new ways of working. 09/12/2011 15:04
This week saw Operation Audacious one of the biggest operations we have ever run involving about 1,000 officers.