/ Professional Standards Branch

The Professional Standards Branch within Greater Manchester Police seeks to:

  • Increase the legitimacy of the police service in the eyes of the communities that we serve
  • Deal quickly and proportionately with public complaints of dissatisfaction or misconduct
  • Root out corruption
  • Raise standards and address unsatisfactory performance

You can read our Purpose, Values, Services Provided and Goals document here

Advice on how to make a complaint about the police can be found here.

  • In a society where we police with consent, it is essential that we retain the confidence of the public in our ability to keep them safe, to take decisive action against offenders, and to do so with integrity. 
  • Allegations of corruption, poor public service and civil actions brought against the police has a corrosive effect on our ability to maintain and improve confidence. By dealing swiftly with misconduct and complaints we aim to work towards the Police and Crime Commissioners plan to build the safest and strongest communities in the UK.
  • We work with the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) to establish good practice, reduce bureaucracy and review decision making.
  • We also work with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and our partners to ensure timely, proportionate and professional investigations of complaints and conduct matters.

Misconduct Hearings and Special Case Hearings

  • Greater Manchester Police will publish details of upcoming Misconduct Hearings and Special Case hearings. You can find these here

Misconduct Outcomes

Police Appeals Tribunals

Who we are

There are four departments that make up the Professional Standards Branch. These include:

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