/ Counter Terrorism Security Advisors

Counter Terrorism Security Advisors

  • GMP has dedicated Counter Terrorism Security Advisers (CTSAs) who are coordinated, trained and tasked by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office, a specialist police organisation located within the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure.
  • The primary role of these advisors is to provide protective and counter terrorism security advice to support businesses and the public sector. The advice available takes into account both conventional and non-conventional terrorist techniques and the aim is to reduce vulnerability to terrorist threats. The CTSAs work closely with other police forces throughout the country, government departments and other agencies.

The CTSAs offer advice and help on all aspects of counter terrorism security to:

  • Business Areas
  • Industry
  • Retail Organisations
  • Leisure
  • Financial Institutions
  • Utilities
  • Medical Research & Educational Institutes
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • NHS Trusts
  • Farming Industry
  • Transport
  • Major Tourist Locations
  • Trade organisations

Subjects Covering:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Bomb Threat Response
  • Physical Security Measures
  • Mail Handling Procedures
  • Business Continuity & Contingency Planning
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  • Secure Storage of Pathogens, Toxins & Radiological Materials

The public can play a key role in supporting the police by remaining vigilant, being security minded and having good security measures in place. You can protect your business against crime and make the work of terrorists more difficult. A small investment in security measures greatly enhances the feeling of security on behalf of everyone and helps protect those around you. CTSAs deliver various briefing packages to inform a wide range of audiences, some of which have been developed on a national basis while other presentations are specifically designed to meet the needs of the customer.

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