/ Profile: Police Support Volunteer Donald

What are the best bits about being a Police Support Volunteer?

I feel that I am being of use to the community in general and that I am still part of the GMP family. Development and training in my chosen career is not relevant in my case – I have had my chosen career.

How do you balance your work/social life with your responsibilities of being a Police Support Volunteer?

My only other work is as a presenter (voluntary) with Oldham Community radio; this fits in well with my PSV duties as I am able from time to time to insert into my programme items on behalf of the Neighbourhood Policing Team with which I work. My PSV role does not impact upon my social life at all.

What was the reaction of your friends and family when you decided to undertake volunteering for the police?

Varied reactions, ranging from being supportive to suggesting that at my age I should put my feet up and enjoy my retirement.

Would you recommend this volunteering opportunity to others?

Potential applicants should be aware that sometimes it can be difficult settling in as a volunteer. When I started I was working with people who didn’t know quite why I was there, and I spent time looking for something to do. However, now I help the Operational Support Officers within the Local Policing Team doing clerical tasks, which I know is useful but can be routine at times. I would advise applicants to be clear that they understand what is involved in the role they are applying for before committing themselves. There needs to be commitment from both sides.

 If you are interested in becoming a Police Support Volunteer, please email HR.Recruitment@gmp.police.uk

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