/ A Gross Misconduct Hearing on the 09/01/18

A Gross Misconduct Hearing will be held in GMP on the 9th January 2018, the hearing will begin 09:30am and is scheduled to last for 2 days. The hearing will be held in the Media Suite at the GMP Force Headquarters, Northampton Rd, Newton Heath, Manchester M40 5BP.

PC 1150 David Perry will answer allegations that their conduct amounts to a breach of the Standards of Professional Behaviour for Duties and Responsibilities, and Honesty and Integrity contrary to the Police (Conduct) regulations 2012.

Available space will limit numbers of the public attending to 20 member of the public and 4 members of the press.

If you wish to attend you will be required to pre-register by ringing 0161 856 2910 and leaving your details including contact telephone number. Anyone who has not pre-registered will not be allowed in the hearing. Anyone attending after the hearing has started will not be allowed entry.

No recording or filming of the proceedings is allowed and attendees may be searched prior to entry. The hearing is being held on police premises. Any persons attending will have to be escorted when moving around the location and anyone behaving in a disruptive manner at the hearing will be escorted off the premises.

Please note that are no parking or refreshment facilities available at the venue.











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