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Mounted Unit on patrol

Mounted Unit on patrol

On the roads

  • It is important to ensure you and your horse are equipped to ride on the roads. This includes wearing the right high visibility gear and ensuring you have a knowledge of road safety. There are riding and road safety course available through the British Horse Society.
  • GMP riders have to be competent before going out on the roads.

Do's and Don'ts of riding on the roads.

Riding at night

  • Ensure you and your horses can be seen. This is as important during the bright daylight as it is during the evening. If you are riding at dusk, in fog or in poor light always ensure you have fluorescent and reflective equipment on both you and your horse.
  • All GMP riders and horses wear a variety of high visibility gear that can include
    • Fluorescent and reflective jackets
    • Exercise sheets including a tail cover
    • Reflective brushing boots
    • Reflective breastplate
    • Lights that can be added to the officer's arm or leg, or clipped to the back of their belt.

Equine crime prevention

  • Thieves can target horses, tack and equipment. Don't make it easy for them; take some simple steps to secure your valuables.

Your Horse

  • To put thieves off stealing your horse make it easily identifiable and ensure you have your horse passport. Consider freeze marking, micro chipping, hoof branding or genotyping. Keep photographs and details.

Your stable

  • Check access, keep valuables locked and use good quality locks. Secure all vehicles on the yard and keep items out of view. CCTV and good lights can be a deterrent and ensure you challenge any strangers on the yard.

Your vehicle

  • Don't leave horseboxes unattended at shows, and lock and secure them on the yard. Use an immobiliser, alarm and CCTV to protect your box or trailer. Wheel clamps are also available for trailers. You can also security mark your box or trailer on the roof.

Your tack

  • Keep your tack secured and out of sight. Mark your tack with your postcode or invest in saddle locks.

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