/ Meet the TravelSafe team

As part of our work on the travel network we have been introducing you to some of the TravelSafe Partnership team.

Today we are introducing you to PCSO John Walker.

John recently won a Chief Constable’s Stars award and previously worked as a PCSO in Denton for nearly five years.

The 35-year old has now made the move to the team looking after the transport network around Greater Manchester.

He decided to join the partnership following a rise in hate crime and antisocial behaviour on the travel network.

He said: “As a PCSO it is your role to support your community and I saw being a part of this team as an opportunity to make the region safer.”

Based at Central Park, the team covers all of Greater Manchester including bus stations, bus routes, the Metrolink and train stations.

Over the next two years the Travelsafe team will recruit an additional 45 PCSOs in addition to more officers and special constables.

Under the TravelSafe Partnership, a dedicated team of Police Constables, Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), Special Constables and TravelSafe Security Officers (TSOs) provide regular patrols on the region’s networks.



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