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Man jailed for nine, violent, robberies

Liam Worthington (01/12/1987) of Marleyer Close has been sentenced to 13 years and 6 months for burglary and conspiracy to commit burglary on a business, today (18/09/17) at Manche

18 Sep 2017

About to pick up the phone? Follow the 4 step rule

Which one is best for you? New campaign asks you to think about all of the options for getting in touch and getting information from us

29 Aug 2017

Tackling spice in Manchester city centre

Forty seven people have been arrested in connection with dealing spice and 64 users have been referred for support since January of this year as part of a city centre operation.

9 Aug 2017

Tackling off-road bikes in your community

New specialist policing team and community 'toolkit' set to tackle issues with off-road bikes across Greater Manchester

24 Jul 2017

GMP award for citizen who intervened in suicide attempt

A good Samaritan, who stopped to talk to a distressed man, has been awarded by Greater Manchester Police for her brave and calm intervention.

23 Jun 2017

GMP takes a stand against hate crime

Following on from the Manchester Arena attack, there has been a significant increase in the number of reported hate crimes.

22 Jun 2017

Image released of Abedi carrying a suitcase

Attack at Manchester Arena update: image released of Abedi carrying a suitcase. Did you see him?

29 May 2017

Latest statement on incident at Manchester Arena

It has been a challenging week and we are still in the middle of a live investigation.

26 May 2017

Extra detail on arrests made

Extra detail on arrests made following the attack at Manchester Arena

26 May 2017

Latest statement on incident at Manchester Arena

This continues to be a fast-moving investigation and there has been a significant amount of activity taking place throughout the night and this morning.

25 May 2017

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