/ Advance Fee Letters/emails fraud

An advance fee fraud is a confidence trick whereby the victim is persuaded to part with an amount of money in the hope or expectation that they will gain a much larger sum of money.

Once engaged in conversation the victim will be duped into sending monies to a bank account, often in a foreign country, or by using a money transfer service. This is often followed up by further requests for money by developing the original confidence trick.

Examples include:

  • Having won a lottery in another country, usually in Africa
  • Using the victims surname to suggest that they could inherit some money from someone with the same surname who has died without leaving a will.
  • You have a mutual friend who is in a foreign country and is in trouble and requires assistance.
  • An organisation from a country that has had sanctions imposed needs to change funds into sterling and is willing to pay a high interest rate if you would process funds through your bank account.
  • The offer of employment at large organisations abroad after the payment of a ‘processing fee’.
  • The suggestion that the writer has inside knowledge of share trading/Horse racing.

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