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Place Based Working

We are committed to developing place-based working. This means having police officers and staff working alongside other agencies like social services, health workers etc. They will share information and resources to tackle the issues that matter to the local area. It will mean we can work together to identify the root causes of problems in communities and find solutions.

We have already started doing this in Platt Bridge, Wigan, with positive results. Teams have come together to help those in need.

This work has also changed the way we deliver neighbourhood policing which has increased the dedicated people working for you where you live. It includes ensuring there will be one officer who deals with each case, making it easier for people to get updates on progress.

You can provide us with any feedback about the changes or on the future of policing by emailing Gmp.future@gmp.police.uk

If you have any questions send them in and we will update them and share through these pages.





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